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Contemporary art for your home 

Inspired by nature

Welcome to my website.

I am a painter. My paintings are contemporary landscapes, still lives, portraits and compositions, inspired by nature of the everyday life that surrounds us. There is an element of realism in them, with a twist of Galina's inside world.


The landscapes, still lives, portraits or compositions in my paintings are soaked in bright colours and bright emotions. They depict a peaceful sunny afternoon in a corner of a garden; relentless waves pouring over a piece of rock in the sea; the impossibility of arrangement of cherries; little girl dressed up as harlequin with her precious pet in her lap...

The objects and people in my paintings are not indifferent.

They tell stories about stillness and constant movement, about pleasure and perseverance, and about impossible situations becoming reality. 

I gather impressions of places, people and objects and try to represent them in my landscape, still life, portrait or abstract compositions. The result is a contemporary art, inspired by nature, but inspirations come also from inside of me. From all the past experiences, memories, situations, and the particular mood or emotion I feel there and then. Therefore, the piece of art, emerging on the canvas or paper becomes an inseparable fusion of inner and outer reality, equally inspired by the nature and me, the person who is observing it.

Maybe you feel similar - maybe you can see trees, rocks or grass in a way that resonates with something deep inside. It is not about a particular place (although it might be), rather more about a shade of colour, shape or particular interaction between the elements. Please feel free to walk around my website and explore the paintings in Landscape, Still Life, Composition, Portrait and Drawings sections. Feel free to leave a comment in the Contact page to let me know about your thoughts, impressions and feelings about my art work.


I will be happy if you choose my contemporary art inspired by nature for your home. If the works you like are not available, or if you have other ideas for a painting or drawing, please contact me to arrange creating a unique piece of art especially for you. Thank you.

SOUL OF THE HOUSE - Galina Stefanova fine art painting.jpg



I get such a visceral reaction to your work and find myself wanting to gasp, cry or laugh at the same time. You are so clever to capture the essence of people, places, and things - you really tune in to what’s going on.

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